Connect 4 – Includes giant game grid, 21 red discs and 21 brown discs.

The giant wooden connect game is perfect for any family get together, school event or birthday party. At nearly 4ft wide by 4ft tall, this game is the giant version of the classic table-top game.

Warning this game should be used on a flat, level surface. Do not allow children to hang or climb on this game. Doing so may cause the game to tip over causing bodily harm or damage to the game. If you need to move the game it must be lifted by two adults with one on either side. This game cannot be disassembled.

This image shows connect 4


Jenga – Includes 54 wooden blocks and wooden carrying case.

This giant Jenga game is the life-sized version of the popular tabletop stacking game that can rise to over 5 feet high. This game includes 54 precision crafted hardwood block, each of which are over 14 times the size of the classic Jenga block.

this image shows jenga


Cornhole Toss – Includes target board, 4 red bean bags and 4 blue bean bags.

This game requires players to stand behind the throwing line and take turns tossing bean bags into the hole in the board trying to score the most points.

this image shows the game cornhole


Giant Tic-Tac-Toe – Includes four wooden boards that assemble into the grid as well as 5 wooden X’s and 5 O’s.

This giant version of the pen and paper classic is played with giant wooden pieces. Two players compete to have three X’s or three O’s in a line on a 3x3 grid.

this image shows tic tac toe


Giant Dominoes – Includes 24 game pieces and a carrying box.

Take your dominoes game to a whole new level with this giant version beautifully handcrafted and painted.

this image shoes dominoes


Giant Yardzee – Includes 5 wooden block die and a carrying pail

Another classic tabletop game scaled up to giant proportions. Yardzee is the dice matching game all grown up.

this image shows Yardzee


Jenga                          [   ] $20 per week day (Mon – Thur)   [   ] $30 per weekend (Fri – Sun)

Yardzee                       [   ] $10 per week day (Mon – Thur)   [   ] $20 per weekend (Fri – Sun)

Tic Tac Toe                 [   ] $10 per week day (Mon – Thur)   [   ] $20 per weekend (Fri – Sun)

Connect 4                   [   ] $30 per week day (Mon – Thur)   [   ] $50 per weekend (Fri – Sun)

Cornhole Toss            [   ] $15 per week day (Mon – Thur)   [   ] $20 per weekend (Fri – Sun)

Dominos                      [   ] $20 per week day (Mon – Thur)   [   ] $30 per weekend (Fri – Sun)

All six games               [   ] $85 per week day (Mon – Thur)   [   ] $125 per weekend (Fri – Sun)

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